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Hello members and fans of Minecraft Star Server.

Static here (Most of you probably know me as Yuro) with some great news! Minecraft Star Server is announcing its return! Construction of the old works has begun and plugin work is nearing completion. All the old worlds will be back including Main World, PvP World and SandBox! Having said that, there will be a few news ones, including a mini games world where you can compete for prizes!

Of course all this wont last wit ... Read more »
Views: 1691 | Added by: Static | Date: 11.07.2013 | Comments (6)

Hello, members of Minecraft Star Server ! 

I'm sorry about ''closing'' Minecraft server, BUT! its not my problem everything was paid and good, Host problem

Right now, server just randomly closed and was been suspended for unknown reason, contacting Host to get more informaion.

i will post more informaion as soon as i will be able to find some informaion, sorry 

happened on 1:30 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)

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Views: 1753 | Added by: arturich | Date: 30.09.2012 | Comments (26)

Server now working.

IM SORRY FOR THAT LONG DOWNTIME ALL CAN USE : (/kit sorry) something awesome =)

we now have creative world for all. (check in portal hub)

and PvP world so pvp working only there its a new world so i recommend to play there :P ... Read more »

Views: 1056 | Added by: arturich | Date: 26.06.2012 | Comments (9)

I am sorry, we had some problems with our host.

all they UK servers not working anymore and they are trying to save backuped data to open server in US.

Soon we will move to a new IP, if they will not save server i'll just buy a new one.

I will update that thread every week to keep you with last news

Thanks for your help and support.

(i think server will work next week or 01.06.2012 i'll get a new one)

Views: 591 | Added by: arturich | Date: 15.05.2012 | Comments (26)

Hi all !
Soon server's old map will be back, and i was thinking to make a event like : all are getting creative, and in this world building something nice admins selecting best 3 works and they are getting rewards, 
Some rules/info :
Players will be limited to a certain size of build, and grief will not be permitted (rollback, ban) . Players can build multiple builds in the sandbox, however each person may only submit one build to be judged. Winning builds will be saved and kept in a main map. Free topic, you can build house, monsters, hotels, new spawn, but not pixelart

and when you started building you should set a sign with your username.

there will be 2 groups :

1. Members (all members) - 3 winners
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Views: 707 | Added by: arturich | Date: 29.01.2012 | Comments (25)

While no words can truly describe the level of sorrow i am feeling at the moment for the hurt that i have caused to this server; I feel that some words have been left unsaid. I have returned not asking for your forgiveness, but for forgetfulness. A new year is new hope after all i suppose. I do not intend to return and act as if nothing has happened, because that is impossible. I wish to make amends with you all and start anew. I understand any natural precaution put upon me by my past actions and inactions.
Views: 488 | Added by: wtwillie | Date: 22.01.2012 | Comments (9)

if any Star Server people has any problems with the server like being glitchy or something is wrong Here is the page!!! Dont Submit Problems with Minecraft updates and Bukkit updates messin up the server please...

Views: 382 | Added by: hiestbreaker | Date: 14.01.2012 | Comments (9)

bukkit version 1.0.0 is out right now, so plug-ins update is coming soon (i think tomorrow)
see you in game =)

All best,

Views: 1334 | Added by: arturich | Date: 16.12.2011 | Comments (24)

Hi all,

Donation is now avaliable you can donate to get donator rank and save the server


(min 2$)

Info: i am not 100% sure about closing server 

Info(why) about server shutdown you can found here:


Views: 512 | Added by: arturich | Date: 07.10.2011 | Comments (3)

Thanks wtwillie for donation 

1$ + 15$ + 30$ = 46$

and then getting back 

1$ - 15$ - 30$ - 10$ - 10$ -10$ = -76$

and server (mby) will be cloused i think  (that is the last month) (if you want to save it make donation)

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Views: 398 | Added by: arturich | Date: 22.09.2011 | Comments (13)

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