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Main » 2012 » September » 30 » Minecraft Star Server - Suspended
Minecraft Star Server - Suspended

Hello, members of Minecraft Star Server ! 

I'm sorry about ''closing'' Minecraft server, BUT! its not my problem everything was paid and good, Host problem

Right now, server just randomly closed and was been suspended for unknown reason, contacting Host to get more informaion.

i will post more informaion as soon as i will be able to find some informaion, sorry 

happened on 1:30 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)

EDIT  #1: 

i got information that Minecraft Server's are beeing moved to Dallas location. 

BUT !!! The craziest i don't know what will happen with our PLUGING/WORLDS/FILES/BACKUPS  and don't have any backups =( 

Host still not answering, i dont know when server will be UP and working again i hope all files will be transfered to a ''new server''

I'll Post more info as soon as i will get more info.

PICTURE: from Console 

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26 Finplayer  
We need you mss!!!

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25 Ristse  
get the server up soon plz!!!!!!!!!!!!! sad cry

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24 Ristse  

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23 Ristse  
Help advertise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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22 Ristse  
I need all the admins to go to this server so #1 we can stay in contact #2 we can advertise for our selves andd see if we can get some donations.... P.s i know server is suspended :l

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21 Ristse  
Ok guys, I posted a trailer on here because a server i know is going down, We need everyone we can get
and i made this trailer and art forgive me for advertising i just don't want it to end up like us sad

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20 Ristse  

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19 Ristse  
angry angry angry sad sad angry angry This is herobrines doing!

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18 Ristse  
sad sad sad sad sad Dark times for the server these days sad

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17 Ristse  
Ok so ive stayed out of this stuff for the ime being <br /> But here it gos!!!! Ok so dion STOP ADVERTISEING <br /> Mearl We need to get more plug-ins and more pepole to the server same for art so when we can get more pepole on we <br /> can get more donations!!!!. <br /> so get the server up again cant wait to play on the server again and see you all soon!

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