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Main » 2013 » July » 11 » Announcing a Return!
Announcing a Return!
Hello members and fans of Minecraft Star Server.

Static here (Most of you probably know me as Yuro) with some great news! Minecraft Star Server is announcing its return! Construction of the old works has begun and plugin work is nearing completion. All the old worlds will be back including Main World, PvP World and SandBox! Having said that, there will be a few news ones, including a mini games world where you can compete for prizes!

Of course all this wont last without your donations towards the server to keep its upkeep and even upgrade it in the future! We have introduced a new rank system for donators and we are gonna see how it works out. There are now 5 tiers of donator ranks. Iron, Gold, Diamond, Obsidian, and Emerald. Prices for them vary and you'll have to check in-game for the cost. There are many new perks and abilities being added all the time for the ranks - Including protected plots, kits and new commands! VIP Iron, Gold and Diamond will be once-a-month payments, whereas Obsidian and Emerald are once every 3 month payments. Again, check in-game for prices.

Main World is nearing completion and with that, work on PvP World will start as soon as possible. We are going to be changing the idea of PvP World, so it will act as a "PvP Server" rather than the older style we used to have. SandBox will be available for VIP Obsidian+, which is our creative world where you can build that ever you like. Events will take place once a week, and they will vary from week to week. As for rules, they are listed in spawn and we expect you to follow them and keep them in mind as you play.

Server is now open publicly for all, however main world is just under completion so there is still building in progress. You are free to build anywhere outside spawn you like. There have been some staff changes and any old staff members may join and "apply" for their staff position back if they want. If not, we will be taking new staff members on soon.

Anyway, hopefully that's enough information for now. Any donations are appreciated!

New IP:

Thanks and welcome back!

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6 Ristse  
Hey guys. Its been a long fucking time hasn't it?

If ANYONE sees this EVER, I am seriously interested in talking to you guys. I want to remember the past on what was honestly my best experience on Minecraft ever. 

I want to unite the team of Mcstarserver once again if possible, there was a time where I met up with maeyrl on twitter although I believe he deleted it. 

My email is if anyone is interested in talking with me. 

Have a nice life guys.

5 Ristse  
I wonder if we would be able to hunt down the others like ace_of_aces

4 Ristse  
Well, What a return! STAR SERVER IS BACK!

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3 Finplayer  
So is the server down again? cry

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1 arturich  
Nice that such a good server will be back ! smile

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2 Static  
Yep. Best thing ever biggrin

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