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You want to show your support even more for the server and its great community? Well, here's the place, here you can show your support by donating. Donating will show your support by paying a sum of money towards the monthly upkeep of the server and website! Donations are greatly appreciated and to show our gratitude we have introduced packages you can buy which give you various perks in-game, and a spot on our Wall or Donators showing your support. The price varies for each of them, the minimum you can now donate is $5 at a time. Take a look at some of the packages and see what one best suits you!

Iron Tier - $5/month
• Custom rank: [Iron]
• $5,000 In-game
• Set 3 homes
• 16 Diamonds
• Access to /kit torch
• Access to /hat
• Access to /kit Iron
• Access to /tpa commands!
• Protected plot in Spawn
• 16 Iron Ingots

Gold Tier - $7/month
• Custom rank: [Gold]
• All previous perks!
• $7,000 In-game
• Set 4 homes
• 48 Diamonds
• Access to /craft
• Access to /kit Gold
• Use colors in chat!
• Access to /mail system
• No fall damage
• 16 Gold Ingots

Diamond Tier - $10/month
• Custom rank: [Diamond]
• All previous perks!
• $10,000 In-game
• Set 5 homes
• 96 Diamonds
• Access to /feed
• Access to /fly
• Access to /clearinventory
• Access to /kit Diamond
• Access to /chest
• Use colors on signs!

Obsidian Tier - $15/3 months
• Custom rank: [Obsidian]
• All previous perks!
• $15,000 In-game
• Set 6 homes
• 144 Diamonds
• Access to /repair
• Access to /heal
• Access to /back
• Access to /kit Obsidian
• Access to Creative world!
• 32 Obsidian

Emerald Tier - $20/3 months
• Custom rank: [Emerald]
• All previous perks!
• $25,000 In-game
• Access to /cook
• Access to /god
• Access to /nick
• Access to /enderchest
• 375 Diamonds!
• Access to /kit Emerald
• Access to /kit GodArmor
• 32 Emeralds

Monthly Deal (0 Days Remaining):
Coming Next Monday!

Okay, so you've chosen the package you want, now what? Well, click the donate button below and fill out the information. Once that's done post a message here saying you've donated and what tier. Then message an Admin in-game, he'll check that you have in fact donated and then you'll be promoted. After that, just enjoy and soak in the fact you've helped the server.

Note: You can now purchase V.I.P for friends and family, just make sure you let the Admin team know their user name and who paid then you should have no problems with it.

Check out our Hall of Donators!

Terms and Conditions:

Donating is greatly appreciated, however there is a few things to keep in mind when donating. There is a no refund policy, no matter what the circumstances you will not be refunded - that is what a donation is. Once you have your rank and have donated to the server you are not immune to punishment and bans, the rules still apply to you! We would like to personally thank anyone who decides to donate, as it shows support for the server, our community and the friendly staff at Minecraft Star Server.

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