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Main » 2012 » January » 14 » If anyone has any problems with server this is the Category
If anyone has any problems with server this is the Category
if any Star Server people has any problems with the server like being glitchy or something is wrong Here is the page!!! Dont Submit Problems with Minecraft updates and Bukkit updates messin up the server please...

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9 yuro0804  

Please UNBAN me i did nothing wrong (i havent been on in 2 weeks!!!)
Rubberducky052 toldme i was bannedfer being on Haks server! I dont know who hack is and i didnt even know he has server either!!! Please art!
I only became admin!

Ps: Can i advertise the server on youtube???


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8 dionj22able  
i have a big problem

meayrl and arturich tink i m a normole mod :(

but i m admin every who knows that i m a admin are
replay this massage plzz... I NEED EVERY plzz ;(

( i know if u all guys help me ) then they see that i m a admin are..

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7 xXMLGxProzXx  
Arturich I have done some editing to the permissions file now we are using permissionsex idk why, but, the file location is in the permissionsex\Permissions.yml file I have added some groups:.
I think that's most of it, I used it from my other server that my old server owner gave me, he gave me the entire server... so yeah. It works though. Have a good day. - [Co-Owner] maeyrl

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6 hiestbreaker  
Wait im creative so is that a yes i can be Admin again art cause i think u did that...

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5 hiestbreaker  
Art can i b promoted back to admin i promise that i would not give stuff to ppl angel and have creative again and again i promise i will not give stuff to ppl. angel

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4 hiestbreaker  

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3 xXMLGxProzXx  
Yo dude hiest, first I understand you may be young, but, don't spam the forums with posts, just be patient, and, second, leave these kinda posts to us staff. Moderators can help, but, these kinda posts are for us staff to post, not you, sorry, but, it is true. Have a good day. -[Co-Owner] maeyrl

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2 arturich  
i dont have problems with my MC
if you have you should just allocate more memory to your Minecraft ) it will help
good luck

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1 hiestbreaker  
Ok so no 1 is Comin on the forums... GRR angry

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