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Main » 2011 » December » 16 » official recommended bukkit version 1.0.0 is now out !
official recommended bukkit version 1.0.0 is now out !

bukkit version 1.0.0 is out right now, so plug-ins update is coming soon (i think tomorrow)
see you in game =)

All best,

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24 yuro0804  
Hey mae!
Can you unban me (read comment 25 fer more info why)
Please mae its my fav server ur one of my good gfriends on the server too please, fer a friend!
(if you do ill advertise the server on youtube! free of charge (just unban me, I SWEAR I DID NOTHING WRONG, i havent been on in 2 weeks!)

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23 yuro0804  
Can you unban me! I dont even know hack?
and i dont know his server or the ip!
Please art! i was going to donate!

Ps: Can i advertise the server on Youtube too?


Pss: Art, this is my favorite server I OLNY play on this on (when i have time, i make videos fer youtube) Please art, are u not my friend!...

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22 xXMLGxProzXx  
@MaryTenderLOS you are now banned from our forums for spam.

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21 x-XGunHiahX-x  
Woo my server is killen now i got everything working even the chats and portals and stuff

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18 xXMLGxProzXx  
art re-update bukkit your thing is on the 1.0.0 it should be 1.0.1 minecraft had a bug fix update.

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17 xXMLGxProzXx  

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16 xXMLGxProzXx  
Arturich please come on emmz, we need to talk, or, post something on here, just so I can know that you are still trying to fix this server problem. Good luck. Best regards. Have a good day. - [Co-Owner] maeyrl

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14 dionj22able  
can i plzz say here a ip form a pvp server???
i wanna see all guys back if i send pvp ip then we can get a big faction XD the star faction :P

i miss all and the most is yuro XD

don't forget maeyrl!

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15 x-XGunHiahX-x  
Bro come hang im going to advertise today

don't forget maeyrl!

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20 x-XGunHiahX-x  
Okay don we can do it on my server i got everything running even shops and Pley economy and addventure maps

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13 x-XGunHiahX-x  
I know you said not to post anymore on this. but i want to let you guys know that my server is now Exessable as it was not open on my external ip before. Im looking for admins, moderators, and players. Theres so many ideas flowing into my brain. I hope star goes online soon. i miss it. it was my first sever.

I look forward to seeing you guys soon. :]

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19 xXMLGxProzXx  
Sorry gun gotta go. Talk to you tomorrow.

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12 xXMLGxProzXx  
Hmm this is the Co-Owner of M.S.S. speaking, we are having some difficulties. Arturich we may need some more RAM, whenever I try to attempt to even join, my game lags to shit. Please fix this somehow. Have a good day. - [Co-Owner] maeyrl

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