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Main » 2012 » May » 15 » MSS currently not avaliable, NEW IP soon
MSS currently not avaliable, NEW IP soon

I am sorry, we had some problems with our host.

all they UK servers not working anymore and they are trying to save backuped data to open server in US.

Soon we will move to a new IP, if they will not save server i'll just buy a new one.

I will update that thread every week to keep you with last news

Thanks for your help and support.

(i think server will work next week or 01.06.2012 i'll get a new one)

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26 thisguy  
i hope we can finally play again, i miss MSS sad

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25 Static  
Hey all,
I donated another $15 to MSS, the best server EVER, Hopefully it will help pay for server art and keep it up!
Be donating more soon!

-yuro0804/Static_Gamer1 biggrin

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24 Sd_gamer1  
hi all been on holoday so this is the first time i have been near a computer(its actuly a public ipad :D) so im sorry for the lack of updates from myself

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23 hiestbreaker  
Sorry i was away from the forums... working my butt off for my own server (Real life friends only)

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22 dionj22able  
maby if some 1 still will contact us in the time when server is closed they can join us on pvp to?

just review this post if you wanna join... But rember star will stay number 1!

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21 dionj22able  
ok... but i tink allot people did left server lol

i will see who all comeback ( btw yuro0804 , puke3 and i still play minecraft together in a pvp server :P )

but when star is back we will join ( AFCOURSE!)

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20 zXStaticEnergyzzXz  
YAY, Can't wait to see everyone biggrin

Need help with plugins art? I'm offering to help out (read post 15 for more info :P)


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19 Puke3  
NICE!!! I cant wait to see you ALL GUYS XD
See you soon all smile

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18 arturich  
some information about The New MSS
old plugins + MCMMO (top rating) new world, old worlds will be back, dynmap (on-line live map)
everyone will get a kit (kit will be available first 2 weeks) /kit server
and much more new. I'll open server soon as possible ( NEW IP and server will be hosted in US not UK anymore )

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17 Ristse  
Oh and MSS IS COM'N BACK BITCHES YEAH!!!! cool and i relly dont care who the hell is plugin perdon i would do it if i where wanted to ive made about 3 mods fot severs and singelplayer and one was the ather and minaria plus minecraft comes alive and dynamiclights

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