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Main » 2012 » January » 22 » I came to return. But i have a feeling I am not wanted.
I came to return. But i have a feeling I am not wanted.
While no words can truly describe the level of sorrow i am feeling at the moment for the hurt that i have caused to this server; I feel that some words have been left unsaid. I have returned not asking for your forgiveness, but for forgetfulness. A new year is new hope after all i suppose. I do not intend to return and act as if nothing has happened, because that is impossible. I wish to make amends with you all and start anew. I understand any natural precaution put upon me by my past actions and inactions.
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9 Ristse  

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8 Ristse  

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7 Static  
Wtwillie, everyone deserves a second chace art gave me one! So I think you deserve one too biggrin
This is Minecraft Star Server (MSS) the best server there ever was and will be!
So Welcome Back, Wtwillie

yuro0804 biggrin

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6 arturich  
Welcome Back

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5 xXMLGxProzXx  
... arturich you have earned yourself a free slap. It wasn't me, I may have access to control panel, but, not to peoples passwords. Also you can't change the post to whoever you want, as far as I am aware. Now wtwillie, server is messed up, you will be mod, no admin, until you show us that you deserve it after what you did with that giant ass block you made. - [Co-owner] maeyrl
Answer: yeeehooo free slap, wait how much $ is 1 slap ?


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4 Ristse  
NEVER say your not wanted

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3 Ristse  
come back you helped me build many things and you have lots to offer

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2 dionj22able  
i hope u come back!!!!!!!!! :P
and play forever!!!!!! snap

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1 hiestbreaker  
WT!!! ive been wonderin when u would return!!! plz come back! smile

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